Review webinar - acquaintance with Biomatrix products.
Biomatrix is a developer and manufacturer of innovative professional cosmetic products from Novosibirsk (Russia).
On the market since 2015.
Biomatrix group is certified according to the International Standart ISO 9001.
More than 100 distributors in 9 countries (Russia, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Vietnam).
Webinar program
Review webinar - acquaintance with Biomatrix products. Injectable products. Chemical peelings. Home care products.
What makes biomatrix products unique?
Skin structure.
Mesotherapy cocktail. Active ingredients and mechanisms of action. Injection techniques.
Biorevitazation with Biomatrix Topaz.
Chemical peelings . You definitely have not met such compositions before. mechanisms of action of active ingredients. Protocols of procedures.
Home care products. Multifaceted serum for all skin's types. Post-procedurŠµ care products.
Tetiana Terzi
Doctor dermatologist, doctor of aesthetic medicine.
International trainer of Biomatrix. Work experience more than 7 years, 5 of which worked in Arab countries.